Hello Multiverse,

We are happy to announce the launch of The Entheogen Genome Project- an international endeavor to build an open-access, genomic database of all known entheogenic flora, fauna and funga by the year 2025. 

This project emerges from a variety of perspectives, all of which converge on the importance of preserving diversity, both cultural and biological, and the shared vision of an open-science platform for entheogenic research and conservation. 

We believe the precarious state of our planet's ecosystems and the global mental health crisis call for bold and energetic efforts to guarantee free and sustainable access to entheogens for generations to come- Our hope is to provide a foothold for such endeavors.

While the project is rooted on building a genomic library, we see the emerging  renaissance as a unique opportunity for a comprehensive Open-Science platform with broad and valuable applications, such as:

1. Conservation- Collecting and vouching specimens can preserve genetic information and provide a reliable source of phylogenetic data for ecosystem protection and regeneration efforts.

2. Access- Publishing a comprehensive and indexed database of raw data, methods and findings under an open-access license can catalyze psychedelics research while preventing the appropriation of biological resources, such as genetic sequences, for private gain. In doing so, scientific advances can be generated in ways that are accessible to all.

3. Reciprocity-  Generating DNA fingerprints can provide unprecedented transparency to equitable benefit sharing agreements between researchers and entheogenic stewards. By providing an immutable record based on genetic fingerprints we can trace every organism, and their genetic sequence, back to their communities of origin. This opens up the possibility for truly inclusive research and business models.

As both genomics and the psychedelics movement continue to evolve, we expect to see even more applications emerge. For now, however, our sole focus is on reaching our first major milestone: publishing 200+ fungal genomes by year 2023.

To do so, we need support from mycologists, scientists, enthusiasts from around the world.

If you would like to contribute, you can:

We look forward to staying in touch: hello@entheome.org